Pelican Water: Whole House Water Filtration System

You know you’re adulting hard when your dad asks you if there’s anything new going on & you excitingly reply “OH MY GOSH! We are…


You know you’re adulting hard when your dad asks you if there’s anything new going on & you excitingly reply “OH MY GOSH! We are getting a whole house water filtration system!!!”. Seriously this has been a long time coming for our home, for the longest time I was on the hunt for the best whole house water filtration system. I’m going to share some answers to some of the most common questions I’ve been asked with this new whole house water filtration system installation along with the installation of the under sink water filter.

When we first moved into our home I noticed fairly quickly that we had hard water. Our shower heads constantly gunking up, the use of tap water killing coffee machines (I don’t even want to admit how many we’ve gone through before realizing it was our tap water that was taking them down so quickly), store-bought filters for our sink that just didn’t cut it & pitchers that I could still pin down weird flavors in.

Straight Forward Pricing

One of the biggest things that held us back from a whole house Water purification systems but also pushed us into doing it was the cost. We were afraid of how much it cost since on nearly every website we couldn’t actually find a price, we always saw that dreaded “Call for a quote”… I’m an online person, I want to avoid person to person interaction if possible. HA! So, when I saw Pelican Water in Texas with straight forward pricing I JUMPED for joy! I love the straightforward, transparency of the pricing. 

You can see the upfront pricing for the Pelican Water systems on their website without any smoke & mirrors.


Whole House Water Installation

Installation was SO easy, well at least for me since I didn’t actually have to do any of the work. The in-home consultation took under one hour with the testing of water & talking over options for what would work best for our family and home. There are water filtration for every situation no matter if you rent or own from Pelican Water I found out!!

The total process of installing our system was estimated at 4 hours but took under 3 hours total to complete the installation of our whole house water filtration system from Pelican Water.

The system is set up from the first water access point, which happens to be right at the front of my house (both neighbors have theirs on the side of their house) which will call for a quick DIY fence/planter to cover the equipment.

After installation you are taught how to change filters, ways to turn off the system in needed & equipped with all the information to keep your water filtration system going strong.

The Green Factor

Our family is always striving to make green strides in our household. We had started getting water delivered since both my husband & I both drink at least a gallon of water a day. We had tons of those huge jugs laying around but I felt guilty have them delivered & then when we ran out we’d have to go buy some gallon jugs to hold us over.  We had cut back on most plastic bottles with only needing a case a week but still wish we could easily fill our water bottles with just our sink so that sent me on a frenzy of wanting to put some sort of filtration system in place in our home.

Money Saved?

We are two weeks in & haven’t had a need for a plastic water bottle since switching over! One thing I’d suggest for anyone who’s just worried about drinking water is to AT LEAST get an under the sink water filtration system!

We were paying $60/month in water delivery along with the occasional need to buy cases of water but some of the under the sink water filter system options would pay for themselves in less than two months of water delivery services! HOW CRAZY is that?!

I wish I would have found Pelican Water sooner because I wouldn’t have to deal with 5-gallon water jugs cluttering my house, an eyesore of a water cooler & the guilt of what I was doing to the planet by buying the occasional case of water. 

Whole House Water Filteration System Reviews

We went for a whole house water filtration system with rave reviews from friends & family who have them and have noticed huge differences in their skin, hair, appliances & love how easy filtered water is now.

If you have ANY questions on the system I’ll be sharing a follow-up post with our impression after having the system in place for a little longer (we are only 2 weeks in but already in love!).

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