Selling Out To The Blog World & Reigning it Back In

Blogging can be a confusing world, you start off just wanting to share & have fun but then you gain traction, gain readers & things…


Blogging can be a confusing world, you start off just wanting to share & have fun but then you gain traction, gain readers & things start to change.

With more eyes on you, you wonder what am I doing? And then you see all these amazing bloggers doing so well, or so it seems…and you think maybe I should try doing XYZ to be successful. But that’s the thing, success is what you make it. I myself became guilty of straying off my path, playing it safe but no more. And y’all have taken noticed of my change of both playing it safe & now saying that’s not who I am.

I felt compelled more than ever to write this post after seeing a post recently by Morgan of Between The Racks on her Instagram. It made me just go “YAAASSSSSSSSSS” – Morgan let me share a screenshot of it with y’all (go follow her though, she finds the most AMAZING things thrifting & bargain shopping!! Oh and I love her crazy cat that she shares on IG stories! ).

So here I am, with brands filling up my inbox wanting to send beauty products, clothing, shoes & so many odd products that I could fulfill an entire white elephant party alone. But anyone who’s followed me for awhile knows that this started off with thrifted fashion. I love to thrift, find an amazing bargain & get high quality items for LOW prices. But I’ve slowly let that fade away & let myself be swayed by what others are doing. We need NEW NEW NEW & NOW NOW NOW!!! Cramming affiliate links down our readers throats & making them wonder “Why can’t I afford all the clothes she can?”. Creating a weird tension, I know I feel it when I see bloggers talking about the half dozen shoes they bought FULL PRICE for the second week in a row. Like what? Or they didn’t buy them but they aren’t telling you that.

I get sucked into it too. Like do I need those same wedges, straw bag & pair of rain boots that EVERY blogger seems to have? I’ve been tempted but lucky for me, I’m cheap AF unless I 120% want the item. I don’t like spending tons of money on clothes, I love quality clothes but my taste is way higher than my pay 😉 I recently bought some lower quality clothes for the fun of it, but man can I tell a difference from my Diane Von Furstenberg thrifted dress & a cheap internet find that a fashion blogger sold me on. Both cost the same amount, but I can guarantee that my thrifted DVF will be in my closet MUCH longer. And although I do love the occasional fast fashion find, that’s not what the majority of my closet is. It’s quality finds that I’ve thrifted or found for a DEEP discount on eBay. Except my shoes, I’m fine with cheapo shoes.

I wear things over and over and over until they fall apart & die. I had one staple pair of wedges this summer that I wore in almost all my posts & with every outfit. I wear the same jeans until they fall apart. I’m an outfit repeater & there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with wearing your favorites OVER AND OVER.

I for a quick moment photographed my outfits in picturesque white/neutral back drops. Because that’s what all the “successful” bloggers do…but y’all I love the crazy colorful murals in my city. So I’m going back to that if I need a back drop. If neutrals are your thing, you do you.

So you might be wondering, where is she going with this? Honestly, I don’t quite know. All I know is that I don’t like how things have shifted around here & on my Instagram. I’ve slowly been transitioning back to what I WANT to post & less of “LOOK PRETTY CLOTHES”. And although I will be sharing outfits, style tricks, seasonal trends & pretty clothes, it will be a bit more purposeful. I’ve also started posting more often about other topics, which y’all have honestly been WAY more interested in than I thought. So THANK YOU for that! And to focus my brain let’s make a list of what you will see more of on the blog, which in turn means seeing less “HEY PRETTY CLOTHES” posts. I mean those are great for style inspiration but I want to offer y’all more. I mean the responses on my IG, facebook & pinterest have been overwhelming when I post things out of the realm of fashion so that’s nice that y’all are actually liking it.

What You Will Be Seeing:

  • Thrift Hauls
  • Thrift tips
  • DIYs
  • Recipes
  • Home Decor

I will still have style posts but my aim is to inspire not make a buck. So I’m hoping with the addition of more posts in categories I love & more thrift related post I can find a happy place for my blog. And just as a reference, most items I do buy new are from Amazon because I’m sort of in love with Amazon & their amazing returns policy. The  outfit I wore in the pictures in this post is completely from Amazon & you can shop my Amazon Closet here. There’s those pesky affiliate links 😉 But I honestly love this whole outfit, but I’ll be careful to only dry clean this top to keep it from shrinking and to keep it looking its best. The rose gold sneakers have been on total repeat, even with eye rolls from my husband LOL

And now for your entertainment, here’s how to get a shoe shot while wearing a skirt & not flashing your undies! Pull the back of your skirt into the front through your legs and you have a no undies showing zone!

Still reading? Well the moral of the story is you do you babe!


  1. YESSSS!!!! I can’t say how much I love this post. I’m so glad I’m not along in my feelings towards the blogging shift! I haven’t even had time to update my blog in over a year (and truthfully due to all the things you mentioned, I’ve lost motivation), but this makes me want to start posting on it again. Us thrifters and outfit repeaters need to stick together!!

    PS. Speaking of my crazy cat, he’s figured out how to open my closet drawers now too. I forgot to close the closet door yesterday and within the few minutes he had alone in there he managed to open EVERY single drawer in my closet dresser and was literally sitting in my underwear drawer staring at me as I walked in.

    Damn cat….

  2. good, thank you for this post, and thank you for that post you linked. i really feel blogging is insincere, and i trust nothing these people are telling me. i find myself thinking i bet you returned all these things after you bought them, or tried them on in the fitting room diaries. not even gift guides appear without links to buy. that’s fine, links to buy, but links to buy b/c you make money? no, i don’t trust your guide at all. and obviously i mean “you” not you, specifically. i hope to see a shift in blogging if enough people share this idea. i also don’t understand these bloggers who are clearly kardashians. like, really young people with a lot of high end designer bags and shoes. like, who are you? how do you have this money? the “perfect people” seem to come from money, and that’s not me. i wish i could stop looking at them, lol, but they’re perfect!

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