The Easiest Way to Fry a Turkey!

This post is sponsored by Char-Broil  I did something I’ve wanted to do for quite a few years now…I fried my first turkey! And it…


This post is sponsored by Char-Broil 

I did something I’ve wanted to do for quite a few years now…I fried my first turkey! And it was so amazingly easy! I’m sharing on what I did to prep, how long it took & how it turned out so hopefully it’ll help you when deciding on the best method to cook your turkey this year! And I also have to share that I have a coupon code Char-Broil was so sweet to give me for you! You can save 15% on The Big Easy with code ITSPAMDEL & right now they’re also offering the cover for free too!!

First off, I’ve been amazed with all the gadgets that there are on the market for frying foods without having to use buckets of oil…cause I’m not about that buckets of oil life! And then when I laid eyes on The Big Easy by Char-Broil, I nearly lost it…I exclaimed to my husband “WE ARE FINALLY GOING TO FRY A TURKEY!!!!”. He wasn’t all that excited because he knows the mess that goes into frying a turkey the traditional way & has a fear of oil ending up everywhere! But once I showed him The Big Easy, he was TOTALLY on board for a fried turkey without all the mess!

So, here is the low down on my whole experience with The Big Easy & everything I did and didn’t do. First off, keep in mind that The Big Easy holds a 10 – 16 lb turkey (once store near me only had 20+ lb turkeys!), so make sure you get a turkey that fits that weight. 

Completely defrost your turkey, we went with the water bath method. We took a cooler, filled it with water, let it sit for 30 minutes, dumped it out & repeated. For every pound you’ll need a 30 minute water bath (10 lbs = 300 minutes/5 hrs). I set a day to defrost & then fried the next day, when storing a defrosted turkey in the fridge make sure to put it inside a pan/bowl just in case it decides to leak through the bag. 

On frying day I first removed the turkey giblets & neck then patted dry. Next up, I injected the bird with an easy marinade (half melted butter & half chicken stock) although it’s not a necessary step since frying the turkey keeps it moist. After injecting the bird with the marinade, I rubbed the bird with vegetable oil & a pre-made dry rub. And that’s all the bird prep needed! 

Next I placed the bird breast side up inside the cooking basket. Then, placed the basket into The Big Easy® Oil-less Turkey Fryer & turned the cooker to medium high, cooking to an internal temperature of 165°F in the deepest section of the breast (the fryer comes with a thermometer). For every pound, you cook for approximately 10 minutes so I set my timer and finished up the rest of my meal prep while the bird was happily cooking away. For the last 15 minutes of frying I added the lid to the top of the fryer for an amazing crisp skin! 

And the finale? I removed the basket from The Big Easy fryer with the hook it comes with and let the bird rest for 10 to 15 minutes before taking the turkey from the basket. And BAM! That’s it, seriously it was WAY easier than I imagined & cleanup was an absolute breeze! We had approximately half a soda bottle of drippings to dispose of. 

Right now you can get 15% off The Big Easy with my code in addition to the free cover promo that’s going on right now!!

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