ThredUP Style Haul & Try-On // July 2018

I love shopping ThredUp! We all know I am a sucker for my local thrift stores, shopping second hand is just a very natural thing…


I love shopping ThredUp! We all know I am a sucker for my local thrift stores, shopping second hand is just a very natural thing for me. And I love sharing all my thrifted outfits in fun planned out shoots but hauls with a selfie in the mirror just gets me all nostalgic for the old blogging days! So today I’m going to share the goodies I collected from the month of June shopping ThredUP, along with some returns I made.

Oh & let’s get the thredup coupon out of the way in case that’s the reason you are really here 😉 Just use this link & you will get $10 off your first order!

ThredUP Reject Box Haul

Let’s start with the loser of the group… honestly I should have known better because I don’t like leggings with very few exceptions. But while putting Emily to bed & cruising ThredUP for Spanx brand items (LOVE their jeans), I came across workout pants from Spanx. Cool, cool I love when a pair of leggings pulls me in…just nope, no to these. The material isn’t what I’d want for working out & just a bad fit. Lucky for me thredup returns are EASY! Check some boxes, print your label & slam it in the mailbox for the USPS to pick up. This is why I don’t second guess trying things that might not workout for me, I’ve never had problems with ThredUP & their easy returns.

ThredUP Haul


I paid $11.99//Estimated Retail $36.00//66% off


Next up is this J.Crew outfit…you can get J.Crew on ThredUP for such amazing prices! And ummmm how perfect are these staples to any wardrobe? I am just obsessed with ThredUP!
J. Crew Striped Top
This was in my recent Thredup reject box

KEEPING – J. Crew Factory Store Casual Skirt
I paid $11.99//Estimated Retail $50.00//76% off

I LOVE this Zara top that was in my recent Thredup reject box, more about the reject boxes later…since that probably needs a blog post all its own! But this Boden pencil skirt I am on the fence about, although I am completely in love with the bold striped colors…I’m not sure how I feel about a pencil skirt. Especially since I love tucking it tops & they tend to show all your tucked in goodness….what do y’all think?
Zara Top
This was in my recent Thredup reject box (excuse all the wrinkles, I pulled it from the hamper since I’ve worn it a few times already LOL)

UNSURE – Boden Casual Skirt
I paid $12.99//Estimated Retail $62.00//79% off


Seriously, this Zara top from ThredUP will be getting some MAJOR love…just how pretty is it? And paired with this bright orange skirt from Banana Republic…holy cow!! I am in LOVE! I just need to add a pair of wedges & I’m ready for lunch with my gals. And it has POCKETS, all is right in the world! Can I get an AMEN!?

Zara Top
This was in my recent Thredup reject box

Keeping – Banana Republic Casual Skirt
I paid $15.99//Estimated Retail $118.00//86% off

And just for fun…here are some more goodies I kept from a recent Thredup reject box that are just too good to keep to myself! The hat is a really nice straw hat from Athleta that will be perfect for gardening. I’m a sucker for florals, so when I spotted this Nine West clutch…I just knew I had to keep it! So pretty & the inside looks to wipe up easily (for when I’m sneaking snacks). And the little black & white notebook looking thing? It’s a brand new Coach photo album that was in my Thredup REJECT box, probably because it was an item that isn’t on their accept list. I mean…a Coach photo album? A bit weird…what category would that go under? I guess that is why it was thrown into my reject box.

I love ordering the Thredup rescues boxes because you never know what you’ll get, you won’t even believe what I got in my Coach Thredup reject box.

thredup goody box haul

Ok & if you have ANY questions about ThredUP feel free to ask me. I’ve ordered so much from them…I’m pretty much an expert. Here are some questions I’ve gotten a few times:

Is Thredup used clothing only?
Absolutely not & you can choose to ONLY see clothing that is new with tags only!

Does ThredUP have high end brand?
OMG yes, they have ThredUP LUXE which includes brands like Gucci, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Charlotte Olympia & so much more! ThredUP also has more affordable high end brands like Tory Burch, Coach, Vince. & Kate Spade!

Do you have anymore ThredUP haul posts?
Yes! Here are all my ThredUP haul blog posts


  1. I vote for you to keep the striped skirt & try some untucked tips for a different look. Maybe something knotted just below the waist.

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