Thrifting at Goodwill for Fall/Winter!

Fall & winter are some of my favorite times to thrift because I love all the layering and cozy pieces that pair with the cooler…


Fall & winter are some of my favorite times to thrift because I love all the layering and cozy pieces that pair with the cooler weather. Even as a native Texan I have a coat collection that would make you think I live in a much cooler climate because I can’t pass up an amazing thrifted vintage coat or an oversize cozy cashmere sweater! One of my favorite thrift stores to frequent when on the hunt for great pieces for fall/winter pieces is my local Goodwill Houston. Goodwill Houston currently has more than 60 retail locations and over 40 donation centers throughout the Houston area (you can map out the stores in your neighborhood utilizing the easy-to-use app on your smartphone)


Cashmere Sweaters

Cashmere sweaters are a go-to for me during the cooler months because I love how it is lightweight but unbelievably warm. Cashmere is easy to find while sprinting down the aisles while thrifting. Much of the time I can find it on touch alone. Just briefly walking down the aisle while giving each sleeve a quick touch, can help you find fabrics that speak to you. For me, it’s cashmere & with its high retail price, I’m glad I can find it so easily while cruising the aisles of Goodwill Houston. 

THRIFT TIP: Make sure to check for holes and shrinkage when thrifting cashmere (and wool) sweaters. 

Statement Coats

Statement coats are said to be “in” this year…when did they go “out” though? Ha! I love thrifting big bold coats that just make you go “WOW!” when you see them! I’ve collected some colorful coats from my thrift adventures at Goodwill Houston with my newest vintage coat being from the Goodwill Houston Outlet (sometimes lovingly called The Bins). I found this over the top purple coat with a pink interior coat for just a few bucks since the Goodwill Houston Outlet is pay per lb! 

Thrifted statement coats are an easy way to inject a pop of color into your winter wardrobe without a huge investment since they are a fashion risk many people told me that they wouldn’t want to pay retail for. I TOTALLY get that. Any type of trend completely outside of your comfort zone is best thrifted for. Lucky for us, fashion repeats itself over and over again so we can find all the latest trends at our local Goodwill Houston stores! 

THRIFT TIP: If you see something at one Goodwill Houston store that you love, BUY IT because inventory changes all the time.

Holiday Dress

For all those holiday parties, Goodwill Houston is the where to go for those dresses you know you will only wear once & donate. And you’ll find many other dresses that have been worn once (or not at all) in the racks. What’s on-trend this holiday season for dresses? Look out for velvet, tartan, metallic & lace!

THRIFT TIP: Found a dress that has an amazing “skirt” but not loving the top? Layer on a sweater, layer a long sleeve under or a button-up over and tied into a knot! 

Classic Camel Coat

A winter wardrobe just isn’t complete without a classic camel coat, it’s amazing how many compliments one simple and structured coat can get you! A camel coat is THE neutral, wear with everything coat that will take your jeans & t-shirt up a notch with simply slipping on a great structured coat.

THRIFT TIP: Don’t be afraid to shop the men’s section for both oversized & fitted pieces. You just never know what you’ll find. 


I’ve noticed in the years that capes have been a staple of wintertime. For both casual & daily looks, a cape is a perfect addition to hunt for while thrifting. Look for a fun plaid cape for your casual days & a black or red wool cape for an evening out. 

Chunky Knits

Chunky knit sweaters, scarves & sweater dresses are great in neutrals to wear all season long. I tend to stick to neutral knits so I can layer color on top of them all season long. When searching for knits lookout for any pulls in the fabrics & think outside of “your size”, sizing up can give you a great look that is great for layering a collared shirt underneath. 

THRIFT TIP: Find discount days you qualify for (veterans, teachers, active duty) & shop for even more savings!

Seventies Styles

Thrifting bell-bottoms, vests/dusters, turtlenecks, corduroy (think skirts & jackets!) and long jackets all in warm earthy tones will keep you in on the “latest” fashion trend while staying in the budget if you are thrifting! The seventies are still making it big this fall & winter which are great if you’re pursuing the racks of your local Goodwill Houston. 

THRIFT TIP: Try on items that “aren’t your size” because sizing isn’t streamlined throughout brands, I’ve gone both up & down several sizes in clothes since there isn’t universal sizing & vintage clothing sizes are ALL over the place.

I hope these tips will help you during your next visit to a Goodwill Houston near you. You can feel good knowing you’re not only saving a ton of money but most importantly that you’re providing those with barriers to employment a second chance.




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