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On Sunday there is a discount at the Family Thrift Centers, if you’ve shopped during the week. For every $10 you get 10% off, up…


On Sunday there is a discount at the Family Thrift Centers, if you’ve shopped during the week. For every $10 you get 10% off, up to 50% & $100 of merchandise. Well I finally roped my sister-in-law, Gloria, into coming with me to thrift. She’s not a thrifter but she was very intrigued. And I guess me posting my awesome finds just got her motivated to come? I took her to one of my favorite places…The Family Thrift Center on Durham!


Gloria was excited about saving money while buying good quality clothing. On the way she told me that she always remembered her Grandma going thrifting after church on Sunday, which I thought was so sweet!!

When we got there her first thought was what I’m always afraid of, “Where do I start?” & “What’s that smell?”. HA! Where to start? I always suggest going for bags, shoes & smaller sections to get a groove going. Which is exactly what we did! And OH MAN Gloria scored an AUTHENTIC Louis Vuitton clutch. I’m not even kidding, I’ve never find authentic LV….but the first day she goes & BOOM! As she threw it my way for me to check it for her, I gasped because I knew from first glance it was real because it matches the wallet my boss bought me! But I still checked for the right things, pulls, stitching, hidden little serial…it all checked out. So for $7 & some change she got a clutch that is selling in the same condition on eBay for $250-$300!!!


Well she was a natural! She was picking up Crewcuts for less than it would cost you to buy Target clothes. She grabbed clothes for upcoming Rodeo season, an adorable faux fur vest for her daughter & great church shirts for her son!

Gloria is a petite thing & thought it would be hard to find clothes/shoes for herself. Well the good thing about thrift stores are there are TONS of sizes, style and brands! In fact, I found a pair of military style boots in her size, brand new for less then the price of your morning Cinnamon Dolce Latte! 😉


Gloria’s Tips: You need time. And have a general idea of what you are looking for.

GO. THRIFT. NOW. & if you see me out say “HIIII”



  1. I went yesterday with no luck, but plan to go this weekend again. It was my first time there – what’s the deal with the leaving the hangers on the rack? It’s a different system there and I need help!

    1. Oh my gosh, the hangers thing HAHA It was weird to me too but it saves time at the register so the cashier doesn’t need to pull everything off the hanger. 🙂 Or at least that’s why I think they do that, I’ve noticed more thrift stores started doing this recently.

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