I have these two floor lamps that we love! But they don’t quite match, had whatever shade thrown on them and well made the bedroom feel a bit drab. I saved one lamp from a dumpster & the other I found thrifting…they are both somehow Pottery Barn! So while I didn’t pay much for the two of them, they are quality items that now look amazing with a bit of help from minted.

Finding matching shades in different shapes isn’t the easiest thing, I’ve looked. That’s where minted home comes in, every lamp shade of theirs comes in each of their fabrics/colors! So matching lamps is made way easy! Once I ordered matching lamp shades in appropriate sizes, I took to the spray paint to give this babies matching finishes. A flat black was an easy choice, I didn’t want to take away from the amazing shades or it to compete with them.

Bing! Bang! Boom! DONE! It was quick and they look SO much better now!! Here is a direct link to my shade that come in four sizes & 10 colors, one is likely to fit that dusty lamp you keep giving the side eye….

Thank you to minted for providing me with the products & supporting the blog. Opinions, words, thoughts, love are 100% my own.