Gingham just screams SUMMER TIME!!! And y’all might have seen this mommy + mini look featuring my favorite breezy gingham top. But here is another way I’m wearing my favorite top along with gingham pieces I’m drooling over from my favorite places to shop!!

Hey guys! So I’ve gone and did a quick thrift haul & try on video for all of those who message me asking for more thrift store goodness! I’m hoping to make this a regular thing but just need to get my feet wet a bit more. So I hope y’all enjoy the video!!

February is here & you know what that means right? Valentine’s day!! Well fear not, almost any woman you are shopping for can be covered in my simple Valentine’s Gift Guide! These are all items I have & absolutely LOVE.


One thing our family LOVES is gingerbread houses. And it seems like you can find them for every major holiday now a days! And when I spotted this amazingly cute kit with 5 houses, I was a bit smitten. Micah absolutely adores doing crafts as a family, so I immediately threw this in my cart for the next weekend night we had free.

Fall 2016 Boutique Fashion

Is it fall yet? Wait you have fall? You must not be around the Houston area. Well even with temperatures not feeling like fall all the time, I can still blend some fall fashion into my daily wear! Like dark floral dresses!

When Hannah moved to Houston, she came with very little belongings being straight out of college & from Georgia. But with the power of thrifting, ebay scores & saving up for those splurges she’s created a beautiful home for herself….