And just like that this pie had a huge smear & I had a toddler rubbing Edwards chocolate Creme Pie all over herself. But that’s life as a mom right? Just praying for that moment of peace for the day? 😉  Well here’s how I made peace with a piece of Edwards Pie….

Sometimes after a long day I just want to offer some sort of peace offering to settled the kids down, no more arguing or whining. No fighting for power, just let go & end the evening on a happy note.

Well after one of those toddler days I offered my sweet but seriously strong willed child a slice of pie. My sort of peace offering for the evening. And wouldn’t you know it…she savored that piece of Chocolate Creme Pie like she never expects to have a piece of pie again. And after she happily devoured that piece of pie she let me wipe her down & she played with Micah before bed. Ahhhhh PEACE AT LAST!

Celebrate national Pi(e) Day with me & Edwards Pie with your “piece” offering. And if your looking for it in the freezer section, check out the new sleek packaging! I almost couldn’t find it with it’s pretty pie makeover 😉