Lately I’ve been unintentionally buying clothing for me & Emily that match. The times we match are never intentional, I think that I just get into my crazes for a certain pattern & purchase it for everyone in the family then we end up matching. That use to happen with me & Micah all the time, we’d always match without me even thinking about it.

So when I came home to show hubby this top I bought, he commented that Emily had just gotten a dress similar to it. LIGHT BULB! We just had to take mommy & mini pictures together.

I loved having a moment to grab some pictures with my sweet girl & looking at them makes so happy to have captured these moments. Having a daughter that’s just as strong willed, sassy & silly as me….well it’s equally exhausting & exhilarating. This girl is my mini me & even though it can be completely overwhelming at times, it’s amazing to be her mama.

Emily’s Outfit
Dress: Little Goodall (it’s on SALE!!!)
Shoes: Carter’s

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