I’m full steam ahead with my master bedroom makeover & while I have a million tabs open on my computer I thought I’d share my findings with y’all…since I don’t need 12 headboards & wanted to share how many amazing things I found on Amazon. And nope, not sponsored in anyway..if you click on the links & buy something I might get a bit of commission but that’s it. So let’s talk about the makings of a cozy & chic bedroom!

First! We need a headboard, a headboard can be a quiet piece or one that’s a true shining star of the room. It just depends on what your going for. Here’s a round up of some of my favorite chic Amazon headboard that I’ve kept coming back to (and check out what headboard I finally bought on this post)

And then layers of blankets, I stick to 3-4 layers. My main duvet filled with a down alternative filler, a quilt & then one or two throw blankets…just depending on the thickness. So layer on friends! I LOVE cozy blanket filled beds!

Adding sleek & glossy thin frames keeps the walls looking clutter free while still adding flair. Frame your favorite art, create your own or search pinterest for free printables! (Or download this one I whipped up)

Curtains, you won’t realize how much they make a room until you put them up.  We just got to putting up our curtains and couldn’t believe how just that touch brought the room so much closer to looking finished! TRUE story!

A soft landing for those feet if you have hard floors. We have hardwoods through out so a soft landing for our feet in the morning is such a nice change from the hardwoods. The more fabric & texture you can add to a room, the better in my book! So add a soft rug to break up the boring ole’ floor!