Y’all I’m back with Thrift VS Retail!! While I’m scrolling through new items at some of my favorite places, I will find pieces that I’m like “Oh hey, woah, wait…I can find that for WAY less while thrifting”! So I’ll save the page on my phone & while thrifting I’ll refer back to the images to refresh my mind on what I might be looking for. And guys…tweed is a big deal over at Anthropologie right now…& you know what I can find ANY day of the week over at my beloved thrift stores? TWEED. Seriously, easiest trend to thrift for!

While thrifting a couple a weeks ago at the Family Thrift Outlet, I had a tweed skirt in mind. To dupe the spendy Anthropologie skirt, all I had to do was let the hem out & pull some threads..it was so unbelievably easy that I won’t insult you with a “tutorial” 😉

I paired this tweed skirt with sneakers (also thrifted), a faux leather jacket & tshirt to give my uptight skirt a bit of flair and laid back appearance. My fringe is a bit shorter but if I would have found a longer skirt I think that would have worked even better to achieve a longer amount of fringe! Oh, & don’t forget to check out my other thrift blog posts 😉

Skirt: Thrifted $2
Shoes: Thrifted $6
Jacket: H&M
Top: Amazon