Thrift VS Retail

Y’all I’m back with Thrift VS Retail!! While I’m scrolling through new items at some of my favorite places, I will find pieces that I’m like “Oh hey, woah, wait…I can find that for WAY less while thrifting”! So I’ll save the page on my phone & while thrifting I’ll refer back to the images to refresh my mind on what I might be looking for. And guys…tweed is a big deal over at Anthropologie right now…& you know what I can find ANY day of the week over at my beloved thrift stores? TWEED. Seriously, easiest trend to thrift for!

Fall 2016 Boutique Fashion

Is it fall yet? Wait you have fall? You must not be around the Houston area. Well even with temperatures not feeling like fall all the time, I can still blend some fall fashion into my daily wear! Like dark floral dresses!


Trends come and go. And then come again.. One of my favorite things to look for while thrifting is current trends. I keep my ear to the ground by flipping through whatever catalogs & magazines pass my hands and following magazines & designers on Instagram. I’m no mind reader when it comes to trends, I just keep an eye on what’s to come. And most trends I won’t bother with, but when I see a trend I’m excited for..I go for it!

I’ve always thought that these super wide legged culotte pants were something that I just couldn’t pull off! But while thrifting with a gal pal, she convinced me to get them after I had tried them on. I still wasn’t convinced, but I’m always for trying to push my comfort levels a bit more.