DIY: Easy Hanging Disco Ball Planter

Easy DIY Disco Ball Planter to make your home shine! No power tools required & it takes under 30 minutes to create this one-of-a-kind planter.


So you want to add some magic to your life with a disco ball planter? I got ya! And you won’t believe how dang affordable & EASY it is. Like jaw dropping easy, it shouldn’t be this easy sorta easy…but IT IS! The key is finding the right hollow disco balls, I did some searching on Amazon, read reviews, looked at the user photos to find Styrofoam hollow disco balls so you can easy divide these balls into planters.

I actually thought about this after dropping my disco ball & having it crack in two pieces. Happy accident! 

What you need to make a hanging disco ball planter:

  • Disco ball – I linked my 8″ disco ball but there are also 12″ disco balls
  • Hanging Chain Set – one disco ball will make two planters so you’ll need 2 sets of chain for each disco ball
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Plant that doesn’t need drainage


How to make a hanging disco ball planter:

  1. Find the middle of the disco balls to pry it apart with a flat head screw driver, you should be able to easily wedge it apart 
  2. Once apart, on the inside draw a line dividing the ball into thirds to mark where you should add your S hooks for your chains
  3. On the second row of mirrors, remove the mirror that lines up with each of your third marks. You only should need to remove 3 mirrors total. 
  4. Once mirrors are removed, carefully push a S hook through each space that is now missing a mirror tile
  5. Add chains & plant. BOOM! How easy was that?

You can also customize your chain by spray painting or painting it for a pop of color or paint it your wall color to help it blend in!

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