DIY: Fluted Marble Side Table

Create a luxe DIY coffee table out of half rounds & a piece of inexpensive marble. This marble top table is great as a DIY plant stand or coffee table.



Creating unique pieces of furniture for your home just brings so much joy, just the thought that you MADE something for your home leaves you with such a great feeling. One day while I was thrifting, I found a 12″ marble round that looked like it was used for a lazy Susan since the marble piece had a bit of wood to the bottom that I just couldn’t pry apart from the marble. When I was brainstorming a small fluted table to use as a plant stand or a pedestal for decor, I remembered the perfect little piece of marble I thrifted which had me SO excited for this DIY marble table. You could easily modify this table to create a diy marble coffee table by grabbing a larger piece of scrap marble from your local stone yard & creating two pillars to sit the marble on for a luxe DIY coffee table on a budget!

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Optional to add gold ring under marble

Directions for DIY Marble Table

  1. If adding the optional gold ring, paint the wood round edges with the gold leaf paint & then attach it to the center of the marble piece with the Titebond glue. Leave the marble ontop while drying to have the weight on the wood
  2. Cut your tube form in half to 2 feet with a box cutter, spray paint form if not painting the table afterward & then glue the clean side to the marble piece bottom
  3. Cut your half-round pieces into 2′ pieces with a miter saw, each piece will yield 4 pieces. Double-check end pieces since some of mine were a bit longer than 8′
  4. Get to gluing your half rounds to the concrete tube form, wood is never perfectly straight or flush so leave a little breathing room between half rounds (this is why we painted the form)
  5. Once finished adding all 47 of your half rounds, sand the bottom for ragged edges & possibly ragged pieces of the form
  6. If desired, paint the fluted bottom

I also have an Instagram story highlight to check out if you’d like to see more in-between moments of building this diy marble top table. 

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