DIY Triangle Shelf with Hooks

Create a DIY triangle shelf with optional hooks for easy organization for your keys, hooks, leashes & more! Also, how to add an additional interior shelf!


My son requested shelves in his room to put small toys, LEGO figures & things he rather display than play with so after playing around with some ideas I thought these triangle shelves would make a great addition to his room but then I wanted a few for myself after seeing all the possibilities! This triangle shelf would be great for hanging keys & leashes but then I thought of handy it would be to put it outside of my shower since I’m always forgetting to take off jewelry until I jump in the shower & then flinging it on the counter but with the hooks on this triangle shelf I could hang it so it doesn’t turn into a tangled mess. I just love when a small thing as a triangle shelf can be turned into an organization solution used daily! And with this DIY you can customize it by adding an additional shelf into your triangle or you have the option of adding hooks or not. It’s totally up to you and how you plan to use it! 

What You’ll Need for DIY Triangle Shelf


  • Miter Saw
  • Nail Gun
  • Sander/Sandpaper
  • Tape Measure



How to make a triangle floating shelf :

1. Set your miter saw to a 30-degree angle

2. Cut the very tip off your board so you have a 30-degree angle, flip your board & cut again 12″ down. 

3. Repeat this until you have 3 pieces that are 12″ long with 30-degree cuts on each end.

4.  Set up your triangle, glue & nail together. 

5. Once you have your triangle put together, measure where you want your shelf to be. Cut another piece with 30 degree angles that size.

6.  Next, glue & nail shelf into place. 

7. Screw hooks into the bottom of the shelf (mine are approx 2″ apart), to make this quicker you can drill a pilot hole. Take out screw hooks (replace after staining is complete)

8. Sand out all rough edges & the entire shelf to prepare for staining. 

9. Pick your favorite stain & stain!

**You can add your favorite hanging hardware but I’ve just used a nail/screw in the wall with hanging it in the top angle**

This is a highly customizable DIY that can be painted instead of stained, easily made to any size & you can even add a shelf to the interior by measuring and cutting another piece with 30-degree angles again. We even added some flat lego pieces to a few shelves that are perfect for displaying my son’s favorite lego figurines or little creations he makes & would like to display! I like to order LEGO-compatible baseplates from Amazon, for DIYs like this & cut them down to size. 


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