Summer Sanity with Stitch Fix Kids!

The post is sponsored by Stitch Fix. All opinions are 100% my own. With summertime quickly approaching & the kids home all the time, I…


The post is sponsored by Stitch Fix. All opinions are 100% my own.

With summertime quickly approaching & the kids home all the time, I have less time it feels like so I love finding ways to cut out tasks that aren’t necessary, out of our days. For instance, shopping for summer clothes, it is a must but I found a way to make it much easier for us than shopping in-store (which often leads to meltdowns, sorry Emily but you don’t need another pink headband). Stitch Fix Kids has been heaven sent, we can skip the stores & have a box of stylish clothes sent to our house to try on, in-home so we have more time for fun in the backyard!

Loved finding coordinating outfits for these two in their Stitch Fix Kids boxes!

What is Stitch Fix Kids?

First, you might be asking what Stitch Fix Kids is. Stitch Fix Kids is a personalized styling service that has stylists who get to know your kid’s unique preferences to understand what you want to receive for your child it comes to dressing for any occasion or season. You fill out an extensive style profile and then a Stitch Fix expert stylist will hand-select 8-12 items just for your kid, based on your child’s style, size, and your budget. I LOVE the budget tool, you can select a price range you are comfortable with for EACH piece of clothing! Personally, I am more willing to pay more for dress clothes so I set that area to a higher price range than play clothes.

These stretch overalls are SO easy for Emily to snap herself & is darling paired with a flutter sleeve top!

Micah couldn’t pass up this cacti print top! I made sure to note he loves novelty prints.

For my kids, I wanted a mix of play clothes that were still stylish along with something that could be worn to church.  I had one specific rule, no characters/cartoons on any items. Once the boxes came, the real fun started! First, we read the fun notes that their stylists had written just for them explaining the picks. The kids quickly dug into their stylist picked items to make yes/no piles. Micah was drawn to anything with a fun print & automatically placed jeans into a no pile (since summer is coming fast here in Texas, he won’t be in jeans until late fall again). For Emily, she quickly pulled out the dresses & pink Native shoes (she’s been wanting a new pair!) & was done with her Stitch Fix Kids box. It was honestly one of the most stress-free shopping experiences I’ve ever had with the kids.

And once they were done & tried on items they wanted to keep, they got the cute stickers included in their Stitch Fix Kids box. I used the stickers as an incentive to have them try on clothes & it worked like a charm. So now it’s back to playing outside for these kiddos! Returns are SO easy too, there is a large pre-paid envelope to place any unwanted items in & then drop off at any post office.

A must for Emily is a dress that she can twirl in!

Micah is OBSESSED with these popsicle shorts & Tom’s that were in his box.

5 Tips for Stitch Fix Kids

  •  Don’t be afraid to be specific. I specifically asked for no characters. And guess what? I didn’t get any! Being SPECIFIC is key to getting curated boxes from Stitch Fix Kids that will save your sanity this summer.
  • Make notes of why an item won’t work. For us, we sent back jeans, a light jacket & rompers. Texas summers are no joke & with how quickly kids grow it wouldn’t be smart for me to hold onto cooler weather items, so I made sure to note that in my account. Also, rompers for Emily are a no-go because she can’t independently take it off/on when using the restroom.
  • Ask your kid why. Why don’t you want a certain piece? Why don’t you like this? Let your child know that there is no wrong answer, that you just want to let their stylist know so next time those same types of items aren’t sent.
  • Stitch Fix Kids isn’t a subscription. Your kid can receive a Fix anytime you want. Either on-demand or on a regular cadence – every few weeks, once a month, or every season.
  • Ok but how much? As I said, you set a budget per item & the service costs $20 to receive a Fix curated by a personal stylist, which applies towards anything you keep for your kid!

Ready to sign up for Stitch Fix Kids?

Get a $25 credit by signing up with my link!

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