Tips To Buying Clothes on Amazon

If you follow closely along to my wardrobe it is usually thrifted or from Amazon. I love buying clothes on Amazon & wanted to share…


If you follow closely along to my wardrobe it is usually thrifted or from Amazon. I love buying clothes on Amazon & wanted to share my tips on how it can make your life easier. Y’all I’ve been an Amazon addict for quite awhile & with over 120 orders last year with my Amazon Prime membership, you can just call me an Amazon expert 😉 So let’s talk about buying clothes on Amazon & if you want to see my recent purchases from Amazon check out my Amazon page.

Clothes from Amazon Prime

Clothes from Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Outfit

Pink Skirt from Amazon Prime

Buying Clothes & Shoes on Amazon Prime

Buying Clothes & Shoes on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Benefits

With Amazon Prime there are SO many items that will land on your doorstep within two days, buying clothes on Amazon means having that last minute party dress without leaving your house!

But did you know that your Amazon Prime memberships entitles you to free returns for Prime clothing items? Yep, if it has that check mark it means that the Amazon return won’t cost you a thing (I shop with the prime button checked off so I don’t see items that aren’t Amazon Prime)

If you don’t have Amazon Prime you can try it free for 30 days here.

Research The Items

Read those reviews on Amazon clothes, so many kind ladies give great accounts of sizing up/down & even post pictures with their weight/height to help give you an idea of the fit of items. I love that it seems like a Amazon family with how helpful everyone is! Like this triple bell sleeve top that I love, just look at those reviews!

Check the sizing chart, if it’s a brand unfamiliar to you than you’ve got to check out that sizing chart. While more mainstream brands you’ll be familiar with, some brands from China have wacky sizing & you’ll end up with a top that will fit your toddler instead of yourself sometimes. Keeping your measurements helps tremendously when buying clothes on Amazon, compare your measurements to their chart for the best fit.

Narrow Down Your Search

Sometimes you know you need a size 9 heel in black, so narrow it down so you won’t see items that aren’t available to you. Nothing is worse than finds the cutest Amazon clothes or shoes and then seeing it’s not available in your size. So use all the tools Amazon gives you to make shopping for clothes on Amazon stress free.

Buying Clothes & Shoes on Amazon Prime

Find The Best Deals

No matter your choice in fashion, everyone loves an awesome deal. You can find steals on Amazon clothes, shoes & bags! If you keep your eye on the sales sections of the Amazon fashion area you can score AMAZING deals! I regularly find items 70-90% off retail prices & I’m talking about name brand items that are still in the mall for full price! And remember you can always return those items you bought for a deep discount if they don’t work out for some reason. I like to bookmark pages I want to constantly check, like this page that has designer/contemporary items for up to 70% off!

And well maybe you just stumbled on this page for a monochromatic pink outfit inspiration! Well I pulled some of my favorite Amazon clothes finds just for you! 😉


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