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This time of the year we are all trying to watch what we eat, shed the holiday pounds and focus on our health. I’m focusing…


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This time of the year we are all trying to watch what we eat, shed the holiday pounds and focus on our health. I’m focusing on cleaning up my daily diet after a holiday season of surviving on sugar & cheese! I can’t even walk through the grocery store right now because my body is still craving sugar, so Favor Delivery to the rescue! I love ordering from H-E-B (their Meal Simple meals are my FAV) & having all my favorites delivered within the hour to keep me on track. 

Let’s talk about some tips that keep me on track when I’m trying to eat my best! I’m hoping that some of my tips help you out & if you have any tips you have I would love to hear your tips too. 

Don’t Go Grocery Shopping

You heard me, AVOID the grocery store at all costs! I can’t help all the temptation of the aisles upon aisles of new products that I know I have no control over having one serving of, so I just completely avoid the grocery store by having Favor Delivery bring my favorites straight to me so I don’t have to deal with temptation. 

Plan for the Week Ahead

Sit down, with a pen and paper & plan out EVERY MEAL! I sit down, plan my meals along what I have, what I need for each meal. Here’s the thing, don’t be too ambitious, my biggest mistake is thinking I’ll have all the energy throughout the week but after a long day of life, I can’t handle my early week energy. Make some easy meals that won’t take more than 10-15 minutes to put together. 

Let Someone Else Prep

Grab as much prepared produce you can, it makes mealtimes insanely easier to throw together when you have less to chop. Another way to let someone else do the prep in with Meal Simple meals from H-E-B. I order a handful of these with Favor Delivery for the week, for easy dinners/lunch days that I know my schedule won’t allow for me to spend significant time on a meal. H-E-B Meal Simple meals are chef-inspired prepared meals that are quick & easy, my favorites are the Stuffed Salmon with broccoli (it’s AMAZING!) & the basil pesto chicken breast that I usually add to a bagged salad. 

Give yourself grace, you don’t need to make everything by hand or have different fancy meals each day. I sometimes will have the same thing to eat every day for a week because it tastes good & is good for me, it might seem boring for others but you’ve got to do what’s best for you. 




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