What I Hope They See In Me

I see her watching me, taking in every move I make, every word I speak, every reaction, she’s watching me. Who am I talking about?…


I see her watching me, taking in every move I make, every word I speak, every reaction, she’s watching me. Who am I talking about? My daughter, of course. Although I know my son is carefully watching me & learning from me, he’s looking to dad to see what type of man he should grow to be.

My daughter on the other hand is watching the woman I am & it will strongly impact who she decides to be as a person. I personally know I have quite a few traits, habits, personality similarities as my mom & I love it! But what is Emily pulling from me? Is she seeing a hard working woman who wants the best for her family? Is she seeing a workaholic who won’t play with her? Does she see my love language is acts of service & by doing for them I am showing love? Honestly, there’s so many questions that swirl around my head when I think about myself as a parent. So I thought I’d share the top things I hope Emily (and Micah) both see in me & take with them as they grow.

Love for God

I think that this one is the one I need to work on vocalizing with my children the most. They know I go to church with them, I pray, I talk to God daily & feel closer than ever to God….but it’s a relationship I need to talk to both of my children about more. My husband does nightly prayer/devotionals with Micah & I’d eventually like to do devotionals with Emily. I feel like she’s about to turn that corner in age where we can start doing daily devotionals together, so send me any great devotional books for preschool kids.

As a family, we talk about God but I wonder if that’s enough. Do they see my love for God?

Hard work can beat out anything else

Hard work, perseverance and a let’s go attitude has continuously beat out any other method for me in life.  I hope that both of my kids will see that hard work & a smile can take you so much farther in life than being cut throat/sneaky.

Kindness & patience

For the most part, I am a very patient person & with that comes kindness/understanding. I can already see how patient Micah is, even with a little sister who can be a bit of a diva. My husband has probably told me a million times that my patience is a quality he really finds attractive in me, so I try more than ever to try to practice it. I mean, if he finds my patience sexy…who am I to judge him? 😉

So, here’s the thing. Actions are WAY louder than words, so all these qualities I hope shine through…I need to let them do just that. I can’t tell my kids “Hey look, I’m nice to you. Hey, look how hard I’m working. Hey, look I love God”…I’ve got to DO these things & hope they take notice.


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